A Social Media Apology

I feel like a word of explanation may be in order regarding a few matters.

I love writing and blogging. However, I work a day job that allows precious little time for those pursuits. WordPress and other big blogging sites are blocked on my company’s network, so I can’t even view my own or others’ blogs. I can view them on my phone, but commenting is less than ideal for a variety of reasons. After hours, I have a young son who takes a lot of attention, leaving little time and energy for blogging.

I also love Twitter and Facebook (the first more than the second). However, the same situation applies there. I am able to manage those better from my phone, but phone apps only let me do so much.

All this is to say that I really enjoy blogging and social media and have no intention whatsoever to stop using them. However, I never feel like I am able to develop my use of them to the full extent I might. I relish the hope of being able to be part of important conversations about things that my friends and I care about, but working those into my schedule is a constant challenge.

So for now, until I learn to manage time better (as well as learn the ins and outs of my WordPress phone app), expect sporadic and brief posts.

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