On Drinking the Electric Tablet Kool-Aid

So, tonight I went out and bought an iPad. After all of the fun I have made of people who went out and got these things, I now have one and am tapping out a blog post from it.

A blog post about buying an iPad.

Seriously, I have never wanted to kick my own ass more than I do right now.

And yet I love this thing so far. It has me typing out a blog post on the spur of the moment, something I haven’t done in God knows how long. Typing on the screen isn’t as bad as I had feared either. I’ve been told by multiple parties that for serious typing one needs to get a keyboard, but so far light typing is pretty OK.

So. let the razzing begin! I will respond to all commenters on…my iPad!

5 thoughts on “On Drinking the Electric Tablet Kool-Aid

    1. bcubbage Post author

      Aw thanks. It really does make writing convenient. The hard part for me is always getting it out of my head. Words of some sort are always there.


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