My Little Friend

I have a little friend.

At least, he was my friend.

I call him my inner critic.

My inner critic thinks he has my best interests at heart. He is terrified of the embarrassment of being wrong or saying something out of turn. He is painfully sensitive to what other people might think. He is terrified of awkward personal disclosures.

My inner critic is the reason I don’t blog much. I write a lot of things I never post because my inner critic reads them and says “This isn’t good enough. No one wants to read this. And if someone did, it would bring us shame.”

This is what my little friend says.

I have grown weary of my little friend.

My little friend is a presumptuous ass.

How on Earth does my little friend know what everyone else might find interesting or worthwhile, anyway?

So, from this day forward I resolve to blog more. My little friend will still be telling me not to do it, but I am learning that it’s the things about which he squawks loudest that I need to post.

So expect to hear more from me soon.

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