Yoda is Annoying

I have been thinking and dealing with rather a lot of important stuff since the last time I posted anything here. Stuff that matters. Sadly, though, I either can’t blog about it for reasons of confidentiality, or my thoughts are too scattered to admit of blogging. Plus I am busy.

Since that is the case, I have a very quick and utterly shallow matter to get off my chest.
Yoda is annoying.
Yes, that Yoda:
Yes, he is good and wise and powerful. I agree completely. It is his quirky backwards diction that drives me up a wall. (Er, I mean, drives me up a wall, it does.) In The Empire Strikes Back, it’s not so bad. After all, he has been living on Dagobah for… well, for Lucas knows how long. How much talking is he doing until Luke crashes his X-Wing in his swamp? Probably not a lot. We might excuse him for developing quaint diction.
In Episodes I-III, though, what is Yoda’s excuse? He lives on Coruscant, which is basically a planet-sized city. He converses daily and on a regular basis with the rest of the Jedi Council, none of whom talks like that. In fact, no one else in those movies talks like that. Just Yoda. If he is able to use every other convention of the language successfully to communicate with others, and apparently he can and does, why does he insist on inverting the subject and predicate of every damn sentence? It comes off like a deliberate affectation after a while. It’s like Yoda is saying, “Yeah, Yoda I am. Talk like this, I do. Change me, you will not.”
Maybe, though, this isn’t fair. It does make me wonder about Yoda’s neurology. I wonder if possibly he hears everyone else talking the way he does. Maybe he can’t help it. It’s like an auditory/linguistic version of the old inverted spectrum puzzle in philosophy of mind.
Then I remember that Yoda is a fictional character and laugh at myself for getting worked up about any of this.
As you were.

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