The Coveted Kindergarten Endorsement Goes To…

I had a political discussion with my five-year-old on his way to school this morning. He had said a few days ago that his class was going to be voting for President, so I followed up on that.

ME: Did your class vote for President?
HIM: Yep.
ME: Who did you vote for?
HIM: (excited) Barack Obama!

[ASIDE: While I am very political, I don’t burden my son with my politics. This is, in fact, the first political discussion we have ever had. So whatever enthusiasm he has for President Obama didn’t come from me. ]

HIM, continued: He is a really good President. You wanna know why?
ME: Sure. Why?
HIM: (very serious and intense) Because he makes jobs for every kind of human.
ME: (barely straight face) Oh that is good. He does sound like a good President. Who won?
HIM: My class? Barack Obama!
ME: (relieved) That is great! Hey, do you know who I am going to vote for?
HIM: (genuinely curious) Who?
ME: Barack Obama!
HIM: (huge grin) That makes us twins! (We then high-five.)
ME: Do you know who Mommy is going to vote for?
HIM: (thinks) No.
ME: I think Barack Obama too.
HIM: (laughs) No she can’t! We’re twins. Do you know how many twins are?
ME: Uhhhh… Four?
HIM: No, two! Mommy can’t be twins. I think she is voting for Mitt Romney.

So there it is, folks.

I had contemplated writing a serious political post about why, all things considered, I think Barack Obama is the best choice, as well as what it says about our country that this election is even remotely close. (Hint: nothing particularly good.) But I will let my cute five-year-old’s endorsement stand in place of that.

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