Lenten Blogging

Day 1 of Lent: Ash Wednesday

For Lent this year, I am not giving up anything. Perhaps I should, but I am not. Instead, I have decided, as some others have, to take up something. From today (Ash Wednesday) until Easter, I plan to write one blog post per day. I am not working on a series of posts; I am not running with a particular theme. Some of the posts will probably be long; I have some drafts I have been working on for a bit. Others will be short, as short perhaps as “nothing is happening, I am tired, there I posted something.”

The point of my discipline, as it seems to me at this moment, is not to produce great research or literature, but to make writing a part of my daily habit. I want to write more, and I am routinely encouraged by friends I like and trust to write more. There is little better way to do that than simply to write something, anything, to keep the words coming and the fingers typing.

For that matter, it might be that in taking up this discipline, I might be giving up something too. After all, making one thing a new priority means to give up other things that one might have done with that time. I may not be giving up any one thing, like donuts or coffee or heroin, but I suspect I shall give up a small variety of other smaller things. Some of those things I may give up may just be hours of sleep. I am not worried; I can sleep more after the Resurrection.

So, watch this space. Tomorrow I plan to start light, with a rant about the role straight white men play in legitimizing and normalizing theological debate. Yep. Stay tuned!

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